The members of NRJN subscribe to the cardinal principles of social justice and socio-economic empowerment through the realisation of tangible benefits accruing directly and indirectly from the equitable and sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Malawi.

Thematic Areas

Bringing together CSOs from all around Malawi to protect out Resources
Protection of ESC Rights
Capacity building
Equitable Economic Development  
Environmental Sustainability

About Us

Malawi is well endowed with a variety of mineral resources, such as Corundum (ruby), coal, bauxite, agate, vermiculite, monzanite, and uranium, mining is currently estimated to contribute only 1% to the country’s GDP. This can partly be attributed to past focus on small-scale and informal mining operations involving quarry stone, gemstones, pottery-ceramics, salt aggregate, limestone, sand and clay (pottery and brick moulding), and partly to the lack of monitoring of larger scale operations by relevant Government Ministries.

About the Network

The Natural Resource Justice Network in Malawi (NRJN) was founded in Dec 2007.
It was founded in response to governmental inability to safeguard the interests of the people at the grassroots against the predatory tendencies of foreign investors who appear to have all the advantages at the bargaining table. This disparate grouping of human rights, environmental, economic and social justice NGOs gains its strength and direction through a common stand on sustainable and equitable exploitation of natural resources in Malawi.
> Citizens For Justice
> Centre for Environmental Policy and
    Advocacy (CEPA)

> Church and Society, Livingstonia Synod
> Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI)
> Action Aid International (Malawi)
> Centre for Human Rights and
    Rehabilitation (CHRR)
> Uraha Foundation Malawi



Date: Friday, 20th March 2015
Venue: Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe

For more info, please see the following documents:
 - Invitation Letter
 - 3rd Round Table Concept




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