A Few Words About Us

The mission of the NRJN was to contribute towards attainment of social economic justice and empowerment through the realization of tangible benefits accruing directly and indirectly from equitable and sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Malawi.
The Natural Recourse Justice Network in Malawi-(NRJN) was founded in Dec 2007 in response to governmental inability to safeguard the interests of the people at the grassroots against the predatory tendencies of foreign investors who appear to have all the advantages at the bargaining table. This disparate grouping of human rights, environmental, economic and social justice NGOs gains its strength and direction through a common stand on sustainable and equitable exploitation of natural resources in Malawi and is currently being coordinated by the Institute of Policy Interaction (IPI) in accordance with guidelines set out in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Our Milestones

1. Putting Malawi’s mining issues on the local and
    international scene.

2. Taking Government and Paladin to court for
     breach of mining contract.

3. Participation in international forums including
     those of IANRA.

4. Awareness raising to local communities living
     around extractive activities.

5. Contribution of development of mining policy
     and legislation.

6. Advocacy for Malawi to adopt and join the
    Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

7. Capacity building of CSOs to understand mining

8. Working with MNC, IFI and the Malawi

The Steering Committee

Citizens For Justice (CFJ)

Physical Address: Lilongwe
Contace Name: Reinford Mwangonde, Executive Director
Phone: 0 999 678 031
E-Mail: reinm@cfjmalawi.org

ActionAid Malawi (AAIM)

Physical Address: Lilongwe
Contact Name: Blessings Botha, Head of Programmes
Phone: 0 888 303 093
E-Mail: blessings.botha@actionaind.org

Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI)

Physical Address: Blantyre
Contact Name: Rafiq Hajat, Executive Director
Phone: 0 999 968 800
E-Mail: rafiqhajat@me.com

Centre for Human Rights and Rehailitation (CHRR)

Physical Address: Lilongwe
Contact Name: Timothy Mtambo, Executive Director
Phone: 0 992 166 191
E-Mail: mtambot@chrrmw.org

 Foundation for Community Support Services (FOCUS)

Physical Address: Lilongwe
Contact Name: Kossam Munthali, Executive Director
Phone: 0 888 510 259
E-Mail: kmunthali@focusmw.org

NRJN Coordinating Organization

Citizens For Justice

On 29 January 2011 elections for new coordinating institution were held in an open and transparent manner. Unanimously, Citizens for Justice (CFJ) was elected to be the new coordinating institution for the network. Members also welcomed Reinford Mwangonde the Executive Director of CFJ, as the new National Coordinator.

The new coordinating Centre, CFJ was given a month mandate in which the institution is expected to help transform the network from a loose, issue based and ad hoc convened network to a more organized and structured network with a clear strategic vision, objectives and structured activities. One of the major activities that CFJ is expected to do is register the network in the most convenient mode to make it responsive to the needs of members of the network and also local communities that work with the network.

CFJ is also expected to work towards promoting healthy networking amongst members so that members become inspiration and the source of energy to do more work in the sector as opposed to having members that would be drawing energy from the network because they are not sure of their mandate and also giving in very little to strengthening the network.


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